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Ship Registration in Gibraltar

The number of vessels flying the Gibraltar flag has risen a lot during the last few years as the Gibraltar Ship Registry (GSR) offers various advantages for those seeking to register a boat here. The Gibraltar Ship Register is part of the Category I Red Ensign Group of the United Kingdom which makes the small territory part of the EU Member State’s Ship Registrar. All ships registered in Gibraltar will benefit from the privileges granted for ships registered within the EU.

The GSR comprises the Ship Registry and the Yacht Registry which are coordinated by the Port Authority in Gibraltar. Our local agents can provide you with more information about the fiscal advantages of registering a vessel in Gibraltar.

Boat classification in Gibraltar

The Maritime Administration makes a clear distinction between commercial boats registered by companies and leisure vessels, which is why the Gibraltar Ship Register was separated into the Ship Registry (covering commercial vessels) and the Yacht Registry (covering the registration of pleasure ships). Upon the registration of any of type of ship, the GSR does not require any physical inspection of the boat, but only to supply a Measurement and Tonnage Survey Certificate released by an approved company.

You can find out how to register a ship in Gibraltar from the video below:

Steps to register a ship in Gibraltar

Companies or natural persons wanting to register a commercial vessel or a yacht in Gibraltar must follow several steps. The first one is to select and apply for boat name registration. Secondly, the applicant must submit the following documents with the relevant authorities:

  • –          the Builder’s Certificate (for new vessels);
  • –          the Original Bill of Sale;
  • –          a certified copy of the deletion certificate (for second-hand boats);
  • –          a declaration of ownership;
  • –          the Measurement and Tonnage Survey Certificate;
  • –          an application form for the ship registration;
  • –          an application form for the allotment of the International Code Signal Letters.

Companies registering boats in Gibraltar must also submit a copy of the certificate of incorporation. A registration fee must also be paid and the receipt filed with the other documents.

For assistance with the vessel registration procedure, do not hesitate to contact our representatives in Gibraltar.