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Residence Permit in Gibraltar

Residence Permit in Gibraltar

Citizens of EU countries may live and work in Gibraltar based on a six-month residence visa followed by a five-year residence permit. Foreign citizens from non-EU countries fall under the regulations of the Immigration Control Ordinance when applying for a Gibraltar residence visa. Those obtaining a residence permit for Gibraltar are not required to live in the country. Foreign citizens holding a Gibraltar work permit are also granted residence permit for variable periods of time depending on the work they render.

If you would like to apply for a residence permit in 2023, our team can provide you with additional information, as well as pre- and post-application assistance. Moving to Gibraltar can be easier with the support offered by a local team of experts, such as our own, so do not hesitate to contact us as soon as you need to apply for the permit.

Types of Gibraltar residence permits

The Civil Status and Registration Office in Gibraltar issues two types of residence permits for foreign citizens:

  • – the self-sufficiency residence permits,
  • – the category 2 residence permits for high net worth individuals (HNWI).

The category 2 residence permits are designed for individuals earning at least 120,000 GIP per year and having a net worth of 2 million GIP. Foreign citizens holding category 2 residence permits must pay a tax on their worldwide income in Gibraltar. They are also required to rent or purchase a property in Gibraltar which will be qualified by the Gibraltar Finance Center. Foreign citizens with a category 2 residence permit may set up companies in Gibraltar.

Our  company registration agents in Gibraltar will help you set up a business in the country.

Foreign citizens applying for a self-sufficiency residence permit in Gibraltar are not allowed to work or make any other income. However, they are not required to rent or buy a property in Gibraltar.

How to apply for a Gibraltar residence permit in 2023

In order to obtain a Gibraltar residence permit, an applicant must submit the following documents:

  • – a passport or ID card for EU citizens,
  • – proof of accommodation,
  • – one photograph,
  • – proof of income, where applicable,
  • – proof of payment of the registration fee,
  • – information about family members,
  • – an application form.

The civilian registration cards are issued after the proper submission of the required documents, including the filled-in application form, the identification documents, and the proof of address and income.

The Civil Status and Registration office imposes a fee of £25 for stolen or lost cards, and a fee of £10 for the change of particulars on existing cards. Applicants aged 65 and over are not subject to fees.

Non-EU citizens will first receive a civil registration for one year, followed by a four-year registration card. The Gibraltar residence permit will be renewed every five years.

If you need assistance with the residence permit application procedure in 2023, please contact our agents in Gibraltar. If you want to obtain a residence permit in another country, such as Greece, we can put you in touch with our local partners.