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Obtaining Visa for Gibraltar

Obtaining Visa for Gibraltar

As a British territory, Gibraltar has the same visa requirements for foreign citizens as the United Kingdom. However, foreign citizens must apply for a separate visa when going to Gibraltar. There are also exceptions for foreign citizens from certain countries coming to Gibraltar for touristic purpose. Among these are EU citizens, Australian, US and Canadian citizens. They are required to apply for a visa only when seeking employment in Gibraltar. EU citizens may stay in Gibraltar for a period of up to six months without the necessity of a visa, while Australian, US and Canadian citizens have the right to stay up to three months. In all other cases, foreign citizens are required to obtain one of the Gibraltar visas.

Available types of visas for Gibraltar

Gibraltar is not in the Schengen area, but citizens of Schengen countries are allowed to come to Gibraltar for up to 21 days without any visa. However, it is best to verify with experts in Gibraltar the requirements for citizens of Schengen countries. For other foreigners Gibraltar provides two types of visas:

  • – the tourist visa,
  • – the business visa.

The difference between the Gibraltar tourist and business visas is quite significant. Tourist visa is required for touristic and family reunion purposes, but may also be employed by professors, researchers and artists. However, the holders of Gibraltar tourist visas are not allowed to conduct any paid activity within the country.

Foreign citizens coming to Gibraltar for business purposes or for providing any other type of services are required to apply for a business visa. Both types of visas are released between 2 and 15 days.

The video below shows how to apply for a Gibraltar visa:

Documents required for obtaining Gibraltar visas

The requirements for obtaining a Gibraltar visa are the same when applying for both tourist and business visas. Applicants for both types of visas are required to have passports with a six-month validity period with two blank pages. Other requirements for Gibraltar visas are:

  • – to submit proof of self-sufficiency,
  • – to submit proof of return flight,
  • – to have a flight confirmation from the airline.

It is best to apply for a Gibraltar visa one or two months prior to the departure. If you need assistance in obtaining a visa, please contact our agents in Gibraltar. We can also help you open a company in other countries with the help of our local partners.