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Shelf Company in Gibraltar

Shelf Company in Gibraltar

Foreign investors are attracted to Gibraltar due to its special status within the European Union, its affiliation to the United Kingdom and its fiscal legislation. Foreign businessmen have two possibilities of establishing a company in Gibraltar at the moment. The first option is to set up a new company and the second one to purchase a shelf companyShelf companies are already registered in Gibraltar and the new owner may start operating immediately after the purchase. Depending on the customer’s needs, our  company formation agents in Gibraltar may provide a private limited liability company or public limited liability company.

Why buy a shelf company in Gibraltar?

The first obvious reason for a foreign enterpriser to select a shelf company is the time that can be saved with the incorporation procedure. Considering that it takes about a week or more to register a company in Gibraltar, a client may use that time to start operating their business. Clients may also choose to buy an aged company in Gibraltar which will allow them to incorporate the history of their company, thus obtaining more credibility with clients and partners. Clients may consult with our experts in Gibraltar and select from the array of available shelf companies the one that suits them best.

Also when selecting to purchase a shelf company in Gibraltar, the client may request our specialists’ services in order to verify the company’s legal and financial records.

How to purchase a shelf company in Gibraltar

Purchasing a Gibraltar shelf company is simpler than incorporating one from scratch because all the documents are already drafted. The only document for the transaction to be completed is the purchase-sale contract. Once the transfer is completed, the new owner will be allowed to bring any modifications to the company’s Articles of Association. The most frecquent changes are related to:

  • the company name,
  • the business objective,
  • the legal address,
  • the management board composition,
  • the share capital of the company

It is very important to know that the Gibraltar Companies Registry must be notified about all the changes.

You can also find out from the video below how you can purchase a ready-made company in Gibraltar:

Our Gibraltar company registration agents  will guide you through all the purchase steps and will also provide accounting services for tax registration. You may also contact us for details about hiring personnel. If you are interested in opening a company in China we can put you in touch with our local partners.