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Virtual Office in Gibraltar

Virtual Office in Gibraltar

The virtual office in Gibraltar is a service provided by our experts that allows companies to have a physical address in the jurisdiction, without the costs typically associated with a traditional rented office space and without the need to be permanently present at the address. Companies using this service have a physical address and office-related services, according to the package their choose to purchase.

 Quick Facts  
Best used for 

– small or medium businesses;

– companies with employees that can benefit from working remotely 


– flexibility;

– access to a modern office location;

– prestigious business address;

– business and office services to choose from

Registered address option  

Yes, if needed for incorporation purposes

Location  Modern office spaces in Gibraltar
Coworking spaces 


Individual offices 

Yes. They can vary in size

Meeting rooms 

Yes, different sizes and facilities available


Local Wi-Fi


– co-working spaces and meeting rooms;

– shared spaces, access to on-site kitchen facilities

– call and mail handling;

– on-demand services

 Secretary services Upon request 
Local business telephone 

Upon request, the company can have a designated local telephone number

Rent duration 

Monthly in most cases

Special packages/plans 

Yes, upon request

Approximate costs 

Starting at £70 per month

Change from traditional office to virtual office Yes, possible upon request with our help

virtual office in Gibraltar can be used by companies that provide international services, as well as companies in industries that can adapt to a remote work regime. From an economic point of view, Gibraltar has evolved a lot during the last few years, becoming a prolific economy in Europe. Presently, two of the most important investment industries in Gibraltar are gaming and financial services which attract a great number of foreign enterprises and large companies every year.

While some companies choose to establish branch offices or subsidiaries of their businesses, there are also cases in which companies choose a virtual office before setting up any type of structure in Gibraltar. In this article, our Gibraltar company formation experts answer some of the most important questions about the virtual office.

Investors who wish to open a company in Gibraltar and plan on using a virtual office for this purpose can reach out to our team of company incorporation experts for complete assistance during the process.

What are the services provided by a Gibraltar virtual office?

Business owners can obtain a virtual office for their company in Gibraltar in order to combine several services which would usually cost more if performed in a traditional office.

Instead of hiring an individual who carries out the services of a secretary, the services provided in the virtual office in Gibraltar include:

  • a local phone number through which call answering and fax services can be offered;
  • mail collection and forwarding services (we can send the mail to another specified address);
  • bank statement collection services – these too can be forwarded or stored at the office;
  • meeting room services can also be provided for those who have meetings in the city

Our company formation agents in Gibraltar can explain more about the services available in a virtual office in the Rock.

Virtual Office for Gibraltar Companies

 What are the uses of a Gibraltar virtual office?

Foreign investors who come to Gibraltar can use the virtual office as a suitable option for a company that is not dependent on its physical location, for which the services can be provided by means of remote work in most cases.

Common examples can include financial services or financial consultancy, business consulting, IT and web design, social media, digital marketing, and more.
Through a virtual office in Gibraltar, the locally registered company maintains a professional business image, and at the same time, the founders and the employees can work remotely.
Using the physical office-related services provide din the package, such as access to meeting rooms, can be scheduled occasionally, as needed.

virtual office in Gibraltar can be used: 

  1. as a registered address when registering a company in Gibraltar;
  2. as a contact point for potential clients;
  3. when in the city for different meetings for both companies and freelancers;
  4. as a contact point for business partners who want to get in touch.

When incorporating a company by using a virtual office as a registered address, the address of the virtual office space (usually a centrally located and modern office building) will be used in the company’s founding documents.

The video below shows the main virtual offices available in Gibraltar:

Why choose a virtual office instead of a traditional office in Gibraltar?

Companies can take the following advantages into account when deciding if a virtual office in Gibraltar is a suitable option:

  1. The business overhead expenses (rent, repairs, equipment, utilities, and others) are lower when using a virtual office, compared to a traditional office space.
  2. A virtual office is equipped with various office supplies and equipment, as well as office-related technology;
  3. Depending on the chosen package, the client will have access to office space which includes meeting rooms, individual office, and coworking spaces, as well as the common spaces in the building (kitchen, lounge area, etc.);
  4. The business center where the Gibraltar virtual office is located is centrally located, thus contributing to a professional business image and enhancing trust.

The price for a virtual office in Gibraltar will include the address to be used as the company’s address and for official notices and correspondence as well as access to office space (meeting rooms, individual offices, coworking spaces) in most cases, depending on the chosen package. 

Company formation in Gibraltar

The decision to use a virtual office in Gibraltar is only one of the steps required for company formation. Investors who wish to register a company will need to prepare the incorporation documents, as well as decide the shareholding structure. Registration with the Companies House is a mandatory step for incorporation and, in most cases, the process is a simplified one that can be fully assisted by our team.
Investors should note that, when using registered office services for the purpose of company formation, these should only be provided by licensed individuals or companies, as per the Financial Services Act 2019. When using a virtual office as a registered office, the address will be used for the registration of the company and it will be delivered to the Registrar as part of the incorporation documents.
Company owners who wish to change the registered office and use a virtual office in Gibraltar can do so based on a notice to the Registrar, informing of the address change. Our team can give you more details about the registered office requirements and can assist you with registered office services.
Foreign companies doing business in Gibraltar from Gibraltar can also use a virtual office as a place of business in the jurisdiction. Our team can give you more information about the requirements for the place of business.
According to the Companies House and the Government, the number of companies formed in Gibraltar in 2021 was the following:

  • Total number of companies: 1,208;
  • Companies formed in January: 101;
  • Companies incorporated in April: 106;
  • Companies registered in July: 100.

In 2021, there have been 3 applications for banking licenses.
As one of the largest business sectors, the banking sector in Gibraltar had 145 employers in December 2021 and 1,074 employees.
Out of the total number of employees working in the banking sector, 119 were EU nationals.

For company formation services, as well as for virtual office services, do not hesitate to contact our company registration representatives in Gibraltar.

If you need company formation services in other countries, such as Lithuania, we can put you in touch with our local partners.