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Open a Fund in Gibraltar

Open a Fund in Gibraltar

Gibraltar can be an excellent location to base an investment fund. While other locations in Europe are more popular for fund domiciliation, foreign investors can consider all of the advantages offered by Gibraltar as a fund jurisdiction. Our company formation experts in Gibraltar can give you information about the fund industry in the country and how you can use this location as a fund domicile.

Investment funds in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is increasing its position in Europe as an alternative investment fund domicile and destination for investment fund managers. An important feature is that the country is an EU member, offering various advantages and flexibility for foreign investors who also operate funds in other European centers.

Many international companies have opened branches in Gibraltar and the country has a solid fund service industry composed of banks, fund managers, and administrators, investment managers, accountants, auditors or lawyers.

Investors can open asset management companies or incorporate an Alternative Investment Fund or an Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS). The local legislation for these types of investment vehicles is in line with the EU laws. 

Our company formation experts in Gibraltar can help you set-up an Alternative Investment Fund and give you more information about available options.

Please watch our video on how to open a fund in Gibraltar:

Reasons to choose Gibraltar as a fund domicile

Gibraltar has a number of characteristics that make it a good alternative jurisdiction to base an investment fund in Europe. Some of the most important include:

– the tax regime: two categories of tax rules for high net worth individuals and high executives;

– positive international perception and a good network of Tax Information Exchange Agreements and double tax treaties;

– EU membership;

– legal system based on the English common law;

– a stable economy based mainly on financial services but also tourism and trade;

– good location and positioning near the Mediterranean Sea as well as good connectivity.

Foreign investors who are considering setting up an investment fund or investment fund managers who are looking for a fund jurisdiction can explore the available options in Gibraltar.

Our company registration experts in Gibraltar can give you more information on this topic and on other related matters.