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Fiduciary Services in Gibraltar

Fiduciary Services in Gibraltar

In Gibraltar, fiduciary relations are primarily governed by the Trusts (Recognition) Act of 1989. This act recognizes the validity of trusts created under the laws of other jurisdictions and provides a legal framework for the recognition and enforcement of foreign trusts in Gibraltar. If you are seeking any kind of fiduciary services in Gibraltar, it is advisable to consult with legal professionals for specific guidance on fiduciary matters. You are welcome to consult with our company formation experts in Gibraltar for their assistance. 

Who can get fiduciary services from us?

In Gibraltar, as in many other legal systems, various types of fiduciary relationships can arise. These relationships are characterized by the duty of trust, confidence, and loyalty that one party owes to another. Our company incorporation consultants can offer fiduciary services in Gibraltar to the following:

  • Trustee and beneficiary: This is a fundamental fiduciary relationship in the context of trusts. The trustee is responsible for managing trust assets and acting in the best interests of the beneficiaries. If you are planning to set up a trust to manage your assets, please know that our fiduciary services in Gibraltar are at your disposal. 
  • Company directors and shareholders: Directors of a company owe fiduciary duties to the shareholders. They must act in the company’s best interests, avoid conflicts of interest, and disclose any personal interests that may affect their decision-making. Our company incorporation consultants in Gibraltar can answer the directors if they have any questions about their fiduciary duties toward their shareholders. Besides this, our agents can also assist you if you are planning to open an offshore company in Gibraltar.
  • Agents and principals: Our company formation agents in Gibraltar will have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of their principals. You should note that our agents cannot pursue personal gain at the expense of their principals and should avoid conflicts of interest. Furthermore, if you are interested in expanding your operations, our agents are here to help you set up a company in Gibraltar.
  • Lawyers and clients: Lawyers have a fiduciary duty to their clients. This duty includes maintaining client confidentiality, providing competent legal advice, and acting in the client’s best interests. If you are getting any kind of fiduciary services in Gibraltar from a lawyer, our agents can offer you comprehensive guidance about your rights in this regard. 
  • Financial advisors and clients: Our company formation agents in Gibraltar can provide advice that is in the client’s best financial interests and disclose any potential conflicts of interest. Besides offering you financial advice, the services of our agents are also at your disposal if you are interested in opening a company in Gibraltar.
  • Trust protectors and settlors: In some trusts, a trust protector may be appointed to oversee the trustee’s actions. Our company incorporation agents in Gibraltar will have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of your trust and its beneficiaries.
  • Executor and beneficiaries: Our executors of estates have a fiduciary duty to administer the estate according to the deceased’s wishes and in the best interests of the beneficiaries. If you need help in this regard, please get in touch with our company incorporation consultants in Gibraltar.  

It is important to note that the specific duties and obligations in fiduciary relationships may vary based on the circumstances and applicable laws. Fiduciary duties typically include loyalty, good faith, full disclosure, and the avoidance of conflicts of interest. Breach of these duties can lead to legal consequences and liabilities. So, if you are looking for fiduciary services in Gibraltar, you should note that our agents are offering these services. Besides this, our company incorporation specialists can also help you if you are planning to open a company in Gibraltar.

Taxes on trusts and companies in Gibraltar 

Please find below the tax rate on trusts and companies in Gibraltar for the year 2023:

  • A trust is deemed a resident in Gibraltar if it includes one or more beneficiaries who are ordinarily resident in Gibraltar for tax purposes. When a trust is recognized as a Gibraltar resident, it becomes subject to taxation in Gibraltar at a rate of 12.5%;
  • A company is deemed a resident of Gibraltar if its business’s management and control are conducted within Gibraltar. Additionally, if a company’s management and control occur outside Gibraltar but involves individuals who are ordinarily resident in Gibraltar, it is also considered a resident of Gibraltar;
  • The standard corporate tax rate is set at 12.5%. It’s important to be aware that utility and energy providers, as well as companies engaged in anti-competitive practices, are subject to a higher tax rate of 20%.

If you are seeking any fiduciary services in Gibraltar, please contact us.

Besides this, our agents can also assist you regarding company registration in Gibraltar