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Open a Recruitment Company in Gibraltar

Open a Recruitment Company in Gibraltar

recruitment company has the purpose of offering employers in Gibraltar the possibility to hire professionals with qualified skills. The recruitment officers can search on behalf of a company for future employees who can match the requirements of the employer in terms of professional skills. Investors interested in opening a recruitment company in Gibraltar have to know the legal provisions applied for this type of company and the characteristics of the workforce available here. Our company formation agents can provide you with relevant information on the Gibraltarian legislation

The recruitment process in Gibraltar 

All recruitment companies set up in Gibraltar begin their work by searching for the perfect candidate for a certain job available on the market. The persons who will apply for the position will be interviewed in respect to their relevant experience for the job opening. The recruiters will choose the candidate who meets the requirements transmitted by the employer, but who can also be compatible with a certain work environment

Most of the recruitment companies are applying traditional recruitment services, but in the last years, many of them have also created online recruitment services, searching for flexible measures to reach the potential workforce market

If you want to open a recruitment company in Gibraltar, you can choose whether you want to provide recruitment services for a niche workforce or for the general market. The recruiting agency can also provide relevant services for foreign employees who are interested in job openings in Gibraltar, in the sense that it can facilitate the process of relocation. 

Our company formation specialists can provide you with more information on the functions a recruitment agency can have. 

Registering a recruitment company in Gibraltar

The most common type of business incorporation in Gibraltar is the limited liability company, which is the most recommended business incorporation form for small and medium companies. A limited liability company is an independent type of business, which will be treated as a local company

The company must have at least one shareholder, whose liability is limited to the amount invested in the share capital of the business. The investors must ensure that the memorandum of association and the article of association are registered under the Gibraltarian legislation; they also must comply with the company registration procedures available here. 

The video below shows the main steps to register a staffing agency in Gibraltar:

If you need further information necessary for the incorporation of a recruitment company, please contact our company formation agents for assistance.