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Obtaining Work Permit in Gibraltar

Obtaining Work Permit in Gibraltar

Citizens of European Union and European Economic Area countries are allowed to live and work in Gibraltar without being required to apply for a residence or work permit. Citizens of non-EU and non-EEA countries have to obtain a work permit with the Employment Training Board once they have signed an employment contract with a company registered in Gibraltar. However, the employer must first submit proof of not being able to find another resident or EU citizen to hire on that position. Gibraltar work permits for foreign employees are usually issued for a fixed period of time which does not exceed 12 months, but they can be renewed. Work permits are granted once the foreign citizens apply for a residence permit in Gibraltar.

Applying for a work permit in Gibraltar

Foreign workers are required to respect the same laws as national employees in Gibraltar. The only requirement is for foreign citizens to obtain the Gibraltar work permit before starting working. Foreign citizens may obtain the labor permits as employees of Gibraltar companies or as sole traders. However, it must be taken under consideration it may take up to 24 week before receiving the employment pass which is why applicants and their employers must calculate their timeframe when submitting the documents. As mentioned above, the employment permit is issued for a limited period of time and, seven days before expiration, the Gibraltar company must return it to the Director of the Employment Training Board, otherwise sanctions will be imposed.

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You can also watch the video below for more information on the Gibraltar work permit:

Documents required when applying for a Gibraltar work permit

Gibraltar company is required to submit the following documents with the Employment Training Board on behalf of the foreign employee:

  • – the employee’s passport,
  • – two passport sized photos,
  • – the employment contract,
  • – proof of fee payments,
  • – marriage certificate, if required.

Other documents may also be required, especially in case of employees in the IT sector and self-employed individuals.

Considering the residency programs available within the country, we invite you to contact our agents in Gibraltar for information related to obtaining both residence and work visas.