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Establish a Crowdfunding Company in Gibraltar

Establish a Crowdfunding Company in Gibraltar

The financial technology sector in Gibraltar is starting to improve as more and more innovative activities in this industry are regulated. The most recent one implies the creation of a legal framework for companies creating blockchain and cryptocurrencies. However, like all innovative fields money is essential and this is how crowdfunding appeared. Crowdfunding refers to raising money through online platforms with the purpose of increasing a company’s capital or investing in certain tools.

Our Gibraltar company formation advisors can offer information on legislation applicable to crowdfunding companies in the Rock.

Registering a crowdfunding company in Gibraltar

The Gibraltar Commercial Law does not imply certain requirements for the establishment of a crowdfunding businesses. However, a license issued by the Financial Services Commissions (FSC) mist be obtained when setting up a crowdfunding platform.

The incorporation of a Gibraltar crowdfunding business implies registering a company with the Companies House, creating a website through which the money will be raised and obtaining the license from the FSC.

Our company registration agents in Gibraltar can assist with the formation of the company used to create the crowdfunding platform.

Types of crowdfunding in Gibraltar

Crowdfunding companies must comply with certain regulations imposed by the FSC. Among these are transparency in relation to the money raised and full disclosure to the investors giving money through the platform.

There are several types of crowdfunding platforms which can be established in Gibraltar. These are:

  • –          reward-based crowdfunding companies, which are also the most common as they imply certain rewards based on the money raised;
  • –          equity-based crowdfunding companies, which imply selling shares in a company;
  • –          donation crowdfunding, which refers to raising money from investors making donations for a certain project;
  • –          lending-based crowdfunding, which implies lending money directly from investors and not from banks.

For full information on how to create a crowdfunding business in Gibraltar, please contact our local company formation consultants. You can rely on us for assistance with the registration process of the company.