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Types of Investment Funds in Gibraltar

Types of Investment Funds in Gibraltar

Gibraltar’s economic development has led to a prolific investment funds industry. The new Companies Act which was enabled last year has also increased investors’ confidence in setting up investment fund in the small territory. The main law governing the establishment of various types of investment fund in Gibraltar are:

  • –          the Collective Investments Schemes or the Financial Services Regulations of 2006;
  • –          the Experienced Investors Funds Regulations of 2012;
  • –          the Companies Act of 2014.

Foreign investors can establish the following types of investment funds in Gibraltar:

  • –          experienced investor funds (EIFs);
  • –          UCITS funds;
  • –          non-UCITS funds;
  • –          private funds.

Our company formation agents in Gibraltar can offer more information on the laws related to investment funds in the Rock.

You can also watch our video on the types of investment funds in Gibraltar:

EIFs in Gibraltar

Experienced investors funds have been introduced in Gibraltar in 2005 and are dedicated as their name says to professional investors. These types of investment funds have been renewed in 2012 when the new legislation was enabled. Only experienced or individuals worth over 1 million euros are allowed to set up this kind of funds in Gibraltar. Also, the minimum amount to be invested in a Gibraltar EIF is 100,000 euros. EIFs in Gibraltar can take the form of a limited liability company or a protected cell company and can be open or closed-ended. EIFs do not require to obtain approval from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (FSC).

UCITS and non-UCITS funds in Gibraltar

Foreign investors can set up UCITS funds in Gibraltar based on the license issued by the FSC. The great advantage of these types of funds in Gibraltar is that they can use the passporting rights granted by the EU directive regulating them. Also, UCITS funds must managed by an authorized Alternative Investment Fund Manager. Gibraltar UCITS funds are mostly employed to set up retail funds.

Non-UCITS funds are also developed for retail purposes and their approval by the FSC takes about 6 months. Non-UCITS funds have the great advantages of using several structures, among which:

  • –          umbrella funds;
  • –          mutual funds;
  • –          hedge funds;
  • –          feeder funds.

Our company registration consultants in Gibraltar can assist foreign investors who want to set up these types of investment funds.

Private funds in Gibraltar

Gibraltar private funds fall under the regulations of the Collective Investment Schemes Act and are dedicated to private investors. This type of fund does not require approval from the FSC and cannot be listed on the capital markets. Also, the maximum number of investors in this type of fund is limited to 50.

For complete information on all the types of investment funds, please contact our company incorporation representatives in Gibraltar.