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Open a Hotel in Gibraltar

Open a Hotel in Gibraltar

Tourism is one of the main engines of Gibraltar’s economy which why the number of business opened in this sector during the last few years has increased considerably. From travel agencies which facilitate the arrival and accommodation of tourists to restaurants which are renowned for the mix of cuisines they offer, foreign investors have plenty of opportunities to thrive if they decide to start a business in the hospitality industry in Gibraltar. One of these opportunities is the hotel sector in Gibraltar.

Foreign or local entrepreneurs seeking to set up a hotel must abide by the Hotel Proprietors Law, by the Smoke-Free Environment Act and by the Commercial Code. Our Gibraltar company formation agents can offer information on these laws.

Registering a hotel in Gibraltar

The Commercial Code is the most important law covering the opening of any type of business in Gibraltar, including hotels. Investors must choose a trade name, prepare the documents related to the incorporation of the company based on which the Trade Register will issue the business license for the Gibraltar hotel. You can rely on our company registration advisors in Gibraltar for assistance with the company formation procedure.

A great advantage of opening a hotel in Gibraltar is that it does not need any other type of special license, as the business permit covers the activities of hotelstravel agencies and other units related to the tourism industry.

Classification of hotels in Gibraltar

Entrepreneurs can set up hotels or inns in Gibraltar and each type of business is subject to certain requirements related to the services they offer to customers. Based on these services, the premises and the facilities they provide, the Gibraltar Tourist Board awards each hotel with a number of stars ranging from 1 to 5. Recently, the Tourist Board launched an incentive for Gibraltar hotels to be graded in order to increase the number of tourist arrivals.

For full information on the requirements to establish a hotel on the Rock you can contact our company formation consultants in Gibraltar. You can rely on our company registration representatives in Gibraltar for assistance with the company incorporation procedure to be completed with the Companies Registrar.