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Lawyers in Gibraltar

Lawyers in Gibraltar

We are a full-service law firm based in Gibraltar that offers high-quality services to corporations and we are also one of the Gibraltar law firms that offer complete assistance for business owners, starting with the earliest company formation stages.  
Over the years, we have gained valuable experience in all areas of law and our team consists of specialist lawyers who are able to provide adequate counsel and legal representation to our clients interested in company incorporation. We focus on corporate and business matters, as well as on company registration issues. Working with our lawyer in Gibraltar means that you will be able to handle legal matters efficiently and cost-effectively, in a pragmatic way. We are here to assist you whether you are interested in company formation in Gibraltar or need assistance with other legal matters. 

 Quick Facts  
Commercial litigation assistance offered by our lawyers in Gibraltar

 Litigation and alternative dispute resolution (mediation) for a wide range of business disputes:

– breach of contract,

– shareholder disputes,

– fraud etc.

 Company formation in Gibraltar

Complete assistance for investors who open a company in Gibraltar and require information about business forms, registration, special permits and licenses according to industry


– information about the laws and regulations applicable in the banking sector,

– assistance for licensing in case of regulated financial services providers,

– legal assistance in case of corporate lending issues etc.


 Legal assistance in all matters concerning:

– employment litigation,

– drawing up and reviewing employment agreements,

– dismissals,

– hiring foreign employees in Gibraltar etc.

 International investments 

Assistance for opening branches and subsidiaries, for franchising or opening representative offices

 Tax matters 

Our tax lawyers in Gibraltar advise clients on:

– tax regulatory issues,

– tax reporting and compliance,

– tax minimization,

– the implications of double taxation agreements


Legal support through all the stages of insolvency, negotiating the voluntary insolvency agreements, administration, involvement in the liquidation stage

Intellectual property

Trademark applications and oppositions, patents and designs applications, international trademark protection issues, other IP law matters

Debt recovery with the help of our lawyers in Gibraltar

Amicable debt recovery as well as court representation for collecting due debts

 Real estate issues

– commercial and residential real estate sale and purpose,

– legal representation during the acquisition phase,

– dispute resolution,

– construction law matters,

– land acquisition issues

Residential conveyancing

Assistance for individuals looking to sell or purchase residential real estate, landlord and tenant disputes

Individual employment

Discrimination, unlawful dismissal, disciplinary and grievance procedures

Civil litigation

Court representation for individuals involved in many types of civil disputes (medical malpractice, consumer law, defective products, inheritance and wills)

Divorce and family law

Assistance for private clients interested in divorce or separation, children matters (custody, maintenance), Family Law mediation

Immigration to Gibraltar

 – work permits,

– applications for highly skilled employees,

– long-term visa applications,

– permanent residence,

– naturalization

Business solutions provided by our lawyers in Gibraltar

At the core of our practice are business and commercial law services, tailored to the needs of investors in Gibraltar. The country is mostly preferred for its strategic importance and its good ties with the European Union and the United Kingdom as it is a British Overseas Territory. What’s more, the Government encourages businesses through a fund that supports the development of start-ups.

Some of the reasons to open a company in Gibraltar include the fact that the country has developed financial services and online gaming sectors as well as a strong import/export sector as it relies heavily on imports. Businesses enjoy a friendly business climate, and they may open bank accounts in any other location outside the country.

If you are ready to start a company here, a lawyer in Gibraltar from our team can assist you throughout the incorporation phase and will also be a valuable partner as your business develops. We offer the following services, personalized according to the company’s profile:

  • Incorporation: a large part of our team specializes in company incorporation, including offshore company formation in Gibraltar;
  • Litigation: a wide range of disputes can arise in the business environment; we represent clients in case of shareholder disputes, compliance and regulatory matters, regulatory investigations, and in many other cases;
  • Debt collection: our lawyers in Gibraltar are able to assist business owners who have had issues collection their due debts and wish to approach this with the help of a legal representative;
  • Employment: we advise our clients on drafting employment contracts as well as handling disciplinary and grievance procedures, among other services;
  • Specialist services: we also assist clients who are in need of legal counsel in specific business fields such as gaming and e-commerce, financial services, fintech, or funds and investments.

We are also one of the Gibraltar law firms to assist clients who face issues concerning intellectual property rights or data protection and privacy.

You can also rely on our specialist assistance if you wish to find out information about tax in Gibraltar. Some of the issues we can assist companies with are the following:

  • the payment of the corporate income tax rate (12.5% in 2022, increased from 10% as of August 2021);
  • observing the provisions for the monthly employer contributions to social security (a maximum amount of GBP 216.66);
  • information about the 27 tax information exchange agreements signed by Gibraltar.

Company formation solutions offered by our lawyers in Gibraltar 

The cross-disciplinary approach offered by our team allows investors to rest assured that they follow all of the current laws and regulations for company formation and offshore company creation.

Our approach focuses on the creation of limited liability companies in Gibraltar that can be used for various business purposes, across many industries. Our clients can choose to set up an international company in this jurisdiction and thus benefit from all of the unique advantages offered by Gibraltar for business purposes.
Working with a local team of company formation agents plus a team of lawyers will also mean that foreign business owners will have all the needed information concerning their international business ventures, whether concerning international taxation or solving international business disputes.

In addition to our constant support during the incorporation phase, our attorneys in Gibraltar can also assist you with:

  • Nominee services: appointing a nominee director and/or a nominee shareholder can be a suitable solution for those investors who wish to maintain a high degree of confidentiality; our lawyers can give you more information about your options and whether this is a suitable choice in your case;
  • General power of attorney: this can be used to appoint a third party who will handle various types of issues on behalf of the investor; as the name suggests, the appointed individual needs to be a trusted agent, as he will be handling all general issues concerning the company;
  • Special power of attorney: the same type of document used to delegate power, only that used for a specific (and sometimes limited) purpose; it is usually used for one, clearly-defined matter;
  • Certificates: assistance in obtaining a certificate of good standing for the company (proof that  the company is duly registered and that it had no issues meeting its obligations); assistance with issuing a certificate of incumbency (issued by the secretary);
  • Banking matters: usually handled through a special power of attorney, and assistance from our lawyers for dealing with matters concerning the company’s bank account.
  • We encourage foreign investors to reach out to one of our lawyers or specialists in company formation as soon as they decide to incorporate.

Our team offers both pre- and post-incorporation counsel and legal advice. However, it is advisable to work with a legal professional as early as possible during the company formation process. This will allow you to make sure that you remain fully compliant and that you employ the most suitable solutions for your business. 

We invite you to watch a short video about our services:

Services for individuals offered by our Gibraltar solicitors

Part of our services is also focused on individual clients. After deciding that they are interested in Gibraltar company formation, some business owners may choose to relocate to the country permanently and even bring their family members with them. If this is the case, they may need legal assistance with a number of matters, from real estate purchases to inheritance issues. We can help our clients with the following services:

  • Immigration: we assist foreign nationals who wish to move to Gibraltar and need information on how to apply for a residence permit and remain in the country lawfully;
  • Employment: our Gibraltar solicitors can assist those who have been subject to unfair dismissal or those who simply need legal counsel on the terms of their employment;
  • Family and divorce: complete services in case of divorce, including the division of joint assets or child custody;
  • Wills and Probate: we assist local and foreign nationals who are ready to plan how their estate and assets will be distributed; we assist clients who wish to draw up a will.

We also offer different other services for our clients, such as those related to property and conveyancing, pensions, or trusts.

If you are interested in receiving legal assistance or advice, we recommend that you reach out to our lawyers in Gibraltar as soon as possible. This will allow our team to have sufficient time to prepare an efficient course of action in your case.

For clients who are dealing with personal or business disputes, our team can also suggest the use of alternative dispute resolution methods. These refer to arbitration or mediation, along with negotiation, which are ways in which the parties can resolve their issues without having to commence the trial proceedings.

Examples of types of disputes that can be settled through alternative methods include divorce, child custody, landlord and tenant disputes, neighbor disputes, employee matters, contractual disagreements, bank, and real estate disputes, and customer disputes. 

If the chosen alternative dispute resolution method cannot provide an adequate and mutually-satisfactory solution for both parties, it can, in some cases, be used to narrow down the dispute before the parties take it to court.
The advantages of alternative dispute resolution include confidentiality, lower costs compared to a lawsuit, and a faster resolution of the problem, compared to taking the case to court.

Contact our lawyer in Gibraltar if you need more information about our services. We are a professional and pragmatic team, ready to answer your questions and find suitable solutions so that you can move past the legal issues that trouble your private or business life. If you are interested to obtain a residence permit in China we can put you in touch with our local partners.