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Set Up UCITS Funds in Gibraltar

Set Up UCITS Funds in Gibraltar

Gibraltar has a very developed economy which is a good indicator for investors seeking to open companies here. Combined with one of the most performant workforces in Europe due to many foreign individuals employed by Gibraltar companies, the Rock now provides for a worldwide recognized financial industry. A developed cluster of this industry is the investment funds sector. The Gibraltar legislation related to investment funds provides for the following types of fund to be established here:

  • –          experienced investor funds;
  • –          UCITS funds;
  • –          Non-UCITS funds.

Our company formation agents in Gibraltar can offer more information on the Financial Services Act which provides for the establishment of all types of investment funds.

UCITS funds in Gibraltar

UCITS stands for undertakings for collective investments in transferable securities which are investment funds acknowledged all over Europe. The main advantage of setting an UCITS fund in Gibraltar is that it can be marketed in all other European countries based on the passporting rights granted by an EU directive. According to the law, a Gibraltar UCTIS fund must invest in transferable securities (as its name states) and in other financial assets which must be liquid. The fund will collect money from the public and its investments will be based on risk-spreading principles.

Structures used to open UCITS funds in Gibraltar

The following types of structures are allowed for establishing an UCITS fund in Gibraltar:

  • –          open-ended investment companies;
  • –          unit trusts;
  • –          contractual funds.

Our company registration consultants in Gibraltar can assist if you want to register an investment company with the purpose of setting up an UCITS fund.

Documents required to establish a Gibraltar UCITS fund

In order to start operating a UCITS fund in Gibraltar, one must obtain the approval of the Financial Services Commission based on the following documents:

  • –          the fund’s prospectus;
  • –          a Key Investor Information Document (KIID);
  • –          details about the managers of the fund.

It must be noted that the Gibraltar company managing the fund is also subject to various capital requirements.

For full information on how to establish an UCITS fund, please contact our company incorporation representatives in Gibraltar.