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Create Experienced Investor Funds in Gibraltar

Create Experienced Investor Funds in Gibraltar

Several years back the Gibraltar Government has decided to implement the Alternative Investment Funds Managers (AIFM) EU Directive in its local legislation related to investment funds. This is how Gibraltar came to have one of the most complete legislations on investment funds in Europe. Also, the new directive allowed Gibraltar to enable a new type of investment fund: the Experienced Investor Fund (EIF).

Our company registration agents in Gibraltar can offer more information on the laws related to setting up investment funds in the Rock.

What are Gibraltar EIFs?

There are three main types of investment funds one can establish in Gibraltar. Among these, the experienced investor fund which is part of the non-retail funds category. EIFs in Gibraltar are also referred to as private investment funds and can be separated into:

  • –          hedge funds;
  • –          real estate funds;
  • –          private equity funds.

The particularity of Gibraltar experienced investor funds is that they usually have mixed investment strategies which can also be in the advantage of the investors who will obtain significant returns on their investments.

We invite you to watch our video on how to set up an EIF in Gibraltar:

Registering an experienced investor fund in Gibraltar

Gibraltar EIFs are subject to the Financial Services Act which was last amended in 2014 and the AIFM Directive, as seen above. According to the EU directive, the manager of an EIF can administer funds worth:

  • –          100 million euros, if the fund is open-ended;
  • –          500 million euros, if the fund in closed-ended.

These are known as in-scope EIFsOut-of-scope EIFs are Gibraltar investment funds with assets worth below of above the thresholds of the in-scope EIFs.

No matter the type of EIF an investor wants to set up in Gibraltar, they will be required to obtain the approval of the Financial Services Commission in order to market the fund. The application for setting up an EIF in Gibraltar consists in:

  • –          the payment of the registration fee;
  • –          the notification application form;
  • –          the offering;
  • –          the registration certificate of the company operating the fund;
  • –          a statement from a lawyer who is part of the Supreme Court of Gibraltar.

The director of the EIF is also subject to several requirements.

For complete information on how to establish an EIF, please contact our Gibraltar company formation representatives.